Stickiness Over Time

  • 13 May 2022
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Hi! I was exploring the stickiness over time charts and looking through some of the blogs. I realised that Day 4 and Day 1 is not showing up on the chart. Does anyone know why is that the case?



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2 replies

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Day 6 is also missing 😁

I think they chose a subset to simplify the presentation of the chart. 5-day and 7-day seem good choices (because there are 5 weekdays, and 7 days being all days).


If it’s crucial to you to know Day 1, you can get it with maths: 1 - day-2-cumulative.

Day 4 and Day 6 are also possible with maths, I’ll leave that as an exercise 😅

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Yea, agree with @timothy-permutable here.

Amplitude quite often does this for visualization purposes.

It’s a common thing in the retention chart, but can be worked around by creating custom brackets.

But I don’t think it’s possible in stickiness chart. So we have to roll with the default behavior or try Timothy’s exercise 😄