Segmentation - Group event A by both properties of event A and event B

  • 5 January 2022
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To gain extra insights I want to group event “A” by some specific property of event “B”.

So I want to see how many users who are in one of the three groups I have of an eventproperty of event “B” do a certain event property of event “A”. 


To give a more clear illustration: I want to use the segmentation graph.


A:  buttonClick

 where buttonName = xxx

grouped by buttonValue


B: event

 grouped by 


Is it possible to connect the grouped by I use in event B for event A? So ideally I would like to have the green part (a property of event B) in part A. I thought maybe it is possible to connect those two via the formula, but I have no clue. Anyone any thoughts?


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3 replies

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HI @beta123 ,


Happy New Year! Thanks for writing in to the Community, thrilling to see it gain more traction recently!

So you want to see which users who are a part of some group which is a property of Event B, did Event A, correct? This event property in B is not available to Event A, correct? I do not believe this would be possible in Amplitude as the event property you want to group by must be available for event A as well as event B. Event A does not know the event property of B exists unless event A has that event property too. Would something like this suit? If not, could you try to layout an example using the demo data and its properties that are similar to your situation? If could then layout what you are trying to do with some names from the demo data, I can try to get what you need.

Right now, it would seem that you are trying to group event A by an event property only available in B. Amplitude is an events-based platform so it will will filter, query and group by events available to the event at the time it occurred. The best option might be to create a group of users who have done event B and group them into each group for that property and then target each group to see if they did some event A? That would be the closest and you would also need access to cohorts. This would be the closest solution I can come up with.

I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Kind Regards,



Hi @Denis Holmes,


Thanks for your answer, this definitely helps!

In what plans are the “where” and “any time” clauses shown in the image for user segmentation available? (enterprise, starter, growth, scholarship) 



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Hi @beta123 ,


These features would be on the paid plan. On starter, you can use who performed but it does not have the where condition. If you are interested, perhaps, to upgrade to a paid plan, PM me and I can direct you directly to the right team :)

Kind Regards,