Percentage of accounts who have greater than x users performing an event.

  • 1 December 2023
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We are trying to move out metrics to be more account based following getting the accounts add on. 

Many of the metrics we want to measure are structure like 

% of firms who have at least X users performing Y action. 

How can we build something like that?


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A closely related example might be % of accounts who have had X number of Y happen per period.

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Hi @Simon Hilton 

What’s the assigned group type and value for identifying an account in your schema?

Generally, it would be something like “org_id” or “org_name” which would be the primary account identifier. Once you have the correct implementation of these groups and associated properties on user events, you should the see something like this

All the chart metrics would be aggregated on the account level upon this selection. You can play around grouping some events on user_id and then using distinct prop metrics to chart metrics like - how many users per org did X, etc.

Let me know if this was what you were looking for.


@Saish Redkar I get the basic idea of selecting from the accounts and have that available but don’t understand how to mix account level and user level data to get the the measurement. What i am looking for is something like

% of accounts who have 50%+ of users who use Y feature. 

This is to measure stickiness of a feature within accounts and whether we need targetted uplift from customer teams.