Optional steps in funnel analysis

  • 5 January 2023
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Hi, we have a funnel where one step is optional for some users - meaning the windows does not even show up. If I add the step to the funnel, the users who don’t see the window the conversion drops to zero from there onwards.

I’m wondering if I could mark that step optional or if I have to create different funnel charts?



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2 replies

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Hi @kornelius

There isn’t a way to set a certain step in the Funnel Chart as optional, but there is a possible workaround. You can create a custom event made up of X number of events with “or” clauses in between. So if one of the events inside of this one custom event is fired, they will pass through that step in the funnel. 

Here’s a link to the help center with more details! 



I`m confused - in the documentation it says steps can be marked as optional?

However, I cannot find the dialogue in our UI.