Measurement of sessions of the entire website and per page

  • 8 November 2021
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I have 2 questions.

Question 1
Is the sessions that Amplitude measures the total number of sessions for the entire website?


Question 2
How can I measure the sessions of each internal page?


Thank you very much for your help.


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Hi @Huber - thanks for your questions!

For more details on sessions, I recommend first reviewing this documentation:

Q1) If you’re using our SDKs to track events and sessions, a session starts when the SDK is initialized and ends when the user has not logged an event for 5 minutes (mobile) or 30 minutes (web). You can also set your own custom timeout if 5 and 30 minutes does not make sense for your site. Essentially, the sessions that are tracked should be across the entire website, assuming you have instrumented events throughout your site.

Q2) It sounds like you may be interested in seeing a user’s duration spent on a page. If that’s the case, then please see this article regarding how to instrument duration as an event property: 

Hope this information helps! Please let us know if you have any questions.


HI Tracy,
Thanks for your answer.

To better explain my question, I explain an example.

My main page is ""
My Internal Pages are:

What I need to know are the sessions of each internal page.
When creating a new chart, Is there a filter that allows specifying the page of which you want to know the sessions?


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Hey @Huber 
For your use case, you need to have your page view events instrumented and the page path/urls sent as event properties alongside the event. More on how to structure page view events in here .

You can then use the where clause to filter on the interested page url on which you want to measure the session counts. You can either measure this using the event segmentation chart approach or the user sessions chart, whichever suits better for your use case.

Hope this helps.