Lifecycle chart: Want user email and account data

  • 29 June 2022
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Hi! I’m playing around with the Lifecycle chart so I can learn something about people who start using or churn out of our product. In particular, I’d love to see which of our customer accounts those users are part of--are users from one customer leaving/joining en masse, or spread across many accounts, etc.?

I see that I can drill into any particular group of dormant/resurrected/current/new users and get their IDs, but… IDs aren’t helpful to me. Is there a particular kind of yak-shaving I need to do to get the email and account data that is actionable? Or maybe even a way to get there easily?

I tried the User & Account Lookup tool, but didn’t see a way to, say, upload a CSV or otherwise pass in the list of (hundreds of) IDs that I’m looking to analyze.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hey @rkb 

Are you capturing email and account data at user level in Amplitude?

If yes, then you can pick up any datapoint from your lifecycle chart and create a cohort.

Let’s pick Dormant users from May 30 - Jun 5


You then use this cohort in an event segmentation chart and slice by the desired user properties/account data to further analyze this cohort.

I don’t think the Lifecycle chart allows you to perform a native group by at the moment.

If you have a preexisting list of user ids/groups that you want to analyze, you can upload the csv and create a cohort out of it and analyze this cohort in the desired chart.

Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly. Hope this helps.

Thanks @Saish Redkar ! We do have the right account attributes on our data, and the cohort trick worked just fine 👍 I uncovered some interesting stuff in our data right away, so am excited to dig in more!