Issue with Time Spent per User analysis

  • 20 January 2022
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Hi all,

I am having an issue during the last two weeks where I experienced that my Time Spent per User and User Sessions went down to zero while the DAU is still showing the users on the platform.


Looking at the Session duration configuration I found that no limit (minutes) was set and no related to any starting/ending event.

Does anybody know whether it might be related or a hint on what could be going on?

Thank you in advance.


EDIT: Doing a deeper research, I’ve found that the SessionID is -1 since that. Looks like the session ID is not being set by Amplitude, or does it related to the segment integration?


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3 replies


Got it! It looks like on cloud-mode the SessionID needs to be generated by me and put it on Segment:

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Hey @arturodiaz 
You are correct here.

Here are some community posts which highlight this issue -


Hope this helps further.


Thanks @Saish Redkar, yep. I located those posts yesterday and I could understand what was going on.