How can I analyze landing page performance?

  • 11 January 2022
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I’m looking to analyze the performance (bounce rate, add to cart rate, conversion rate) of different pages on my site as landing pages and exit pages using the funnel tool. Is there a way to specify that a given event (in this case page view) is the first occurrence of that event in a session? Essentially I want to use the “historical count” feature built into amplitude, but within sessions across all of a user’s sessions. 




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Hey Matt,

When I want to look at session-based funnels, I hold constant Session ID. Say the funnel has 2 steps, Page View and Add to Cart. By holding Session ID constant, a user will enter the flow each time they perform Page View with a unique session ID. If they perform Page View two times in Session A and one time in Session B, they will be entered into the funnel twice. You can then look at Frequency to see how many times a user performs Page View within the same session before they Add to Cart.

Hope this helps!

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Well said, @SheenaGreen - thank you for that. I would like to add that we currently don't have the ability to segment events by a user's first session (or second or third, etc) so I hope @SheenaGreen’s input will help you with your analysis, @matt.k!