Has anyone found a good way to measure top active users?

  • 22 September 2021
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Basically, I am trying to keep track of the top active users in my product. I want to know the top 5% of active users in any given week and I haven’t figured out a good way to do this in Amplitude. Anybody have ideas/tips to point me in the right direction?


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Hey @enwanne ,

This really is an open ended question I would say. It depends on what the business considers the definition of an “active user” to be and differs from product to product.

You can start by determining what your product's critical event is - What is that one event that your users need to perform to get value from your product. Not sure if there is one single chart yet which can help answer this directly, but there are a couple of charts in Amplitude which can help you in combination to interpret top active usage based on your critical event :

  • The Active % and Frequency metrics in the event segmentation chart
  • The Stickiness chart ( picking out the users who perform your critical event the most over a given product usage interval )

Once you identify which one gives you the desired result, you should be able to create a behavioral cohort from that selected data point via Microscope. And certainly, there are many more ways to tackle your use case.


Let me know if I have interpreted your question correctly. Hope this helps!




I think I understand your point but I maybe didn’t explain my use case well enough. I want to be able to note the top 5% of users completing events my org has deemed active. So who are the top 5% of users completing ‘Any Active Event’. Is that possible in Amplitude or do I need to get more creative about how I’m thinking about this?

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I might go with a pretty rudimentary approach here from what I understand of your use case. 

  • Measure the active users using Any Active Event during a set time period. That’s your total users now. Calculate 5% of this number and that’s the number of users you want to look at now
    • eg. Let’s say 7-day actives for your product is 100 users, Top 5% of 100 will be 5 users. 
  • Decide how you want to quantify top usage. If it’s the total number of any active events performed by the user, then group the usage by User ID for total events and arrange it from Highest to Lowest. Something like this. The first 5 users in the bar chart should be your top 5% ( assuming 100 as your active user count ) as long as the quantifying measure is total number of any active events. The Export CSV option above the chart breakdown table should give you the list of all user ids in the descending order of their total event count.