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  • 31 January 2022
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We are using amplitude to truck some events that users of our system take.

Now we are introducing “user delete” event by setting a property on the user object. As this is a new property, we already have users in amplitude that are no longer exist in our Database, but the property is not set in amplitude.
We need to set correct values for all users in amplitude, thus we need to compare users in our DB and in amplitude.


Question: Is there a way to get the whole list of users from the amplitude?



Best answer by Saish Redkar 31 January 2022, 19:11

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Hey @Sona 

The quickest ways would be one of following-

  • Create an event segmentation chart for unique users ( Any Event ) over the maximum possible time period ( last 12 quarters) or since the time you started collecting data in Amplitude data, click the aggregate Bar Chart View and download the datapoint via Microscope.
  • Create a behavioral cohort using the desired clauses to capture your whole user list and then perform a csv export

Both the above ways allow you to export upto 1 million users.

The other way would be to export your data via the Export API or to any preferred cloud storage and then crunch the data for getting the unique user list.

Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly. Hope this helps.

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Hi @Sona ,


I agree with @Saish Redkar here, that the Export API or downloading a behavioural cohort API would be the best way to get a list of all users. Another option might be the User Profile API to get user properties on a specific user. Alternatively, you could use the Dashboard REST API too to get the realtime activity for users. I think the export API is the best option for getting ALL your users in your application and then using the Dashboard REST API to get the details from each user after getting their User, Amplitude or Device ID.


I hope this helps!


Kind Regards,


@Saish Redkar @Denis Holmes thank you very much for your answers.

I’ve tried the first option from Saish’s reply, it works, but the data is not full (because of the time limitation).

I’ll try the other options too and let you know what worked for me the best :)

Once again thank you very much.

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All credit goes to Saish, he pretty much covered it all! What a legend! If you have any concerns or queries after this, feel free to tag me on a comment here @Sona ! :) 


Kind Regards,