Funnel - Large number of events grouped a common event property

  • 10 August 2023
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I have a tool set designed into 50 different events and I want to make a single funnel chart 

starting with Any active event where event name = any of these 50 events

ending with Any active event 

and group by event name in step 1 to get the conversion for each of 50 tools.

The challenge I am facing after doing this is that the counts for step1 grouped by event name for unique users is not showing right values. (It is sorting by unique users for each of the tools, so the total users who used all 50 tools may be 100k, now when I group by event name, all counts also add up to 100k whereas I know that there are many users who use multiple of these tools, so the counts for individual event names in step 1 should be much more than is actually being shown)


How can I know the conversion rate for all 50 tool events in a single funnel chart where each of these tool event will count any user who used that tool irrespective of whether they used other tools or not?


Thanks in advance





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