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Hi all!

I am extracting data from your API. right now I’m doing a funnel analysis and I’m using  cs = ‘864000’ to get the result with “Completed within 10 days” ...


… but what should I use to restrict it to “their first day” instead of “any day”, which seems to be default?
Is this possible, as I can’t find anything about this in the documentation, and if not, is there a workaround solution?


Grateful for any help!



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Hey @Nils 

From what I’m seeing, if it’s not mentioned in the docs it might not be publicly supported in the api call yet.

@belinda.chiu  @Denis Holmes can you confirm if this parameter is supported yet?

If your use case allows this, then the workaround would be creating the desired funnel chart in the UI with the “their first day” clause and then querying the chart results using the Existing Chart endpoint. The results returned from this endpoint might be different than the Funnel Analysis endpoint response.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Nils! Taking a look at a previous discussion with the Engineering team, it looks like you should be able to query “their first day” through the REST API. 

You should be able to use the same feature using the REST API by specifying the following in the json request:

funnelNewUserType: "SAME_DAY"
newOrActive: "new"

Please try the above and let me know if that works for you. I’ll also check in with the Engineering and Documentation team to better understand why this isn’t documented yet. 


Thanks Saish and Belinda!

Yes Saish, creating a funnel chart then extracting the data from it would work and is always a fallback option. However, that kind of works against what I’m trying to do here, i.e. extracting the data without needing to create a dashboard. 

Belinda, I’ve tried using your suggestion of funnelNewUserType: "SAME_DAY" and newOrActive: "new like this:

this gives me:


which still is the same result as “any day” in the dashboard:


I’ve tried multiple different settings, spellings, etc. without any success. It still seems like I can’t get “their first day” to work.

Have missed something with the JSON request? If you want I can privately send you the dashboard link and copy of the Python code used.