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  • 19 January 2022
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Each of my users has a property called orgKey which is just what organization they are part of. I want to make charts showing how many unique orgs triggered a certain event over time. Can somebody help me figure out how to do this? Thanks in advance


Best answer by MikkoKarvonen 19 January 2022, 06:16

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@dmaltzan: you are looking for custom formulas and namely PROPCOUNT:

Depending on the timeframe you want to look at, you can either choose the right time frame from the calendar and switch to the bar chart, and you’ll get the total over that time. Or if you are interested in weekly or monthly data, use line chart and switch to weekly or monthly view, and Amplitude will show you the property count for each individual time period.


@MikkoKarvonen interesting, thank you! I was actually thinking I would need to purchase the Accounts feature, and I’m still not sure I can achieve what I want to with the PROPCOUNT function but I’ll certainly give it a try.