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  • 7 November 2023
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I need to extract user level data from API with the dimensions: user_id, app, platform, app_version/build, country, event_date, event_name, install_date, A/b test, experiment_start_date, experiment_end_date


I see that I can extract most of the fields from Export API.

Regarding A/B tests. I could extract all the information about experiments from endpoint:

startDate, endDate is the start and end date of the experiment, am I right?


then list all users included into experiment from{id}/variants/{variantKey}/users

and join this data with the data from Export API on user_id.

But I am still missing one field: install_date (date of app installation). Is there any way that I can get this information from API?


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Hi @j.rot 

Is the install_date captured as a user property?

If you are using the Export API, then the data you get is on the event level. So you’ll have to query the user_properties key from the event json for querying any custom user property.

The User Profile API could be a better option ( if you have access to it ) which can directly give you the user attributes against the user_id.