[Dashboard Rest API] My cURL for a custom event only returns error code 229

  • 4 August 2023
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Hi everyone!


I’m trying to use the Amplitude Dashboard REST API cURL detailed under “Get a custom event for period” here to get event segmentation for a custom event but I keep getting a 229 error code. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?


This curl:

curl --location -g --request GET '{"event_type":"ce:age_view}&start=20230701&end=20230802' \

Returns: “{"error": {"code": 229, "message": "Unable to create definition from arguments."}}”


But this curl works fine:
curl --location -g --request GET '{"event_type":"_active"}&start=20230701&end=20230802' \


I’ve tried with multiple custom events other than age_view but I always get the same error. I’d appreciate any help on this and thanks so much again! 

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