Creating funnels using number of events rather than type of event

  • 4 August 2022
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I’m a new user and happy to be here! 

I’m trying to create a conversion funnel where I track number of events completed rather than the event itself. So 0-3 actions, 4-6 actions, 7-9 actions etc. 

Any advice on how to do this would be great.



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Hi @TMon,

This is Nehita from Amplitude Support, thanks for writing in to the Community!

Unfortunately, it currently isn’t possible to count the number of events broken down in number brackets (0-3, 4-6 etc) using the Funnel Analysis chart. I would be happy though to submit a feature request to our Product Development team, can you let me know please what your use case is for this? 



Hi Nehita, 

Thanks very much for your answer. 

We want to create a funnel to analyse how we are activating users based on the number of times they take an action (event). The end goal is to have very active use of the app (40+events fired) 

So the funnel would look like something like 1-3, 4-7, 8-10 etc. We could then see where users are dropping off in their activation journey.

If there is another way we could do this using a different chart/ function that would also work. I’ve built dynamic cohorts based on number of actions taken - is there a way I could create a funnel/ graph using those?



How about without a range? Say, conversion of users from one event to another event being triggered for certain times. For instance, from user_created to 5 downloads. the x-axis will be the user_created_date and the y axis is the conversion rate from user_created to 5 downloads.