Can I create a relationship table, of id to title

  • 17 August 2022
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hey all,

I’m not sure if its possible, but i’d like to setup a an “associative” or “relationship” table where, given an id (number or string) it can return a title (string) for labeling in charts.


I have a chart where an event property i’m grouping by is an id, but I would like to label each of the lines or bars with the associated title for that id. Is this possible - in either the Analytics section or the Amplitude Data section? Or is the solution to just pass the title as an extra event property in my logging?



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Hey @dalvarez 

If you have the Govern Add on, you can use the Transformations feature to rename the ids to their corresponding title. Not exactly the use case this is intended for, but this should do the job I feel.

If not, the only other option is renaming the ids in the chart legends to corresponding title.

These work until the number of ids are under manageable count for manually following the approaches listed above. Not ideal if you get new values for your id property every now and then.

The best long term approach would be instrumenting the title property moving forward. Hope this helps.


Ah gotcha - i did not even know about the Transformations Feature set. That was very useful, thank you!