Amplitude Certification options?

  • 10 January 2022
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Hello everyone,


I’m currently a keen user of Amplitude. Part of my responsibilities is to train my colleagues in useing Amplitude as well as onboarding of new colleagues. As I am an autodidact myself (which was easy to achieve thanks to the great documentation and material) I would like to make sure that a) I’m aware and familiar with all features of Amplitude and not just scrap the surface and b) ideally get a kind of certification that can vouch for my expertise. 


I came across this programm and tried to sign up twice, but never heard back. Is this training still available and is it also available for individual analysts instead of agencies?


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Hey @Carolin Kobelt 

Thanks for bringing up this topic. I totally agree on your points here on why such a certification path would be valuable to many self taught individuals out there.
I have been personally reaching out to my account CSMs every now and then to enquire about the same for the past few years. Seems like there isn’t a concrete roadmap yet for certification options for individuals. Afaik, it’s still limited to partner agencies.


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Hi @Carolin Kobelt ,


@Saish Redkar is correct, the certification would, at the minute, only be for partner agencies teamed with Amplitude. However, I am taking your feedback and I will be passing it to the appropriate team for their consideration. In the future, hopefully they will have this certification for individuals too.


Thank you for the feedback! If there’s anything else I can help you with, let me know!


Kind Regards,



Thank you @Denis Holmes for taking the time to answer to this.


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My pleasure @Carolin Kobelt :)