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Greetings, Amplitude Community!

You can help make the Amplitude products even better by sharing your new and voting on existing product ideas!

Here are a few tips when submitting feature requests:

  • Use a precise title that summarizes your idea.

  • One fantastic idea per post - if you have multiple ideas in mind, please create a different idea for each. Doing this will help us better manage and make sure that the statuses are reflected correctly.

  • Before posting an idea, please be sure this is not something Amplitude is already capable of - search the community or our docs to see if this is already available or has already been requested.

  • Details, details, details - explain the idea clearly, and provide some helpful context:

    • What is the use case for this?

    • What problem is it solving?

    • Is this a critical blocker for you or is this something that would be nice to have?

Other things to consider

How to create an idea and how to vote

To create an idea in the Amplitude Community, simply click the Create Topic button and select the Idea option. Once you have created the idea, select the relevant category and add the appropriate tags for the feature request. To upvote a post, simply click the “arrow” button next to a post.

How is each idea processed?

Your product ideas are submitted to the team and reviewed. You’ll get an email from the team once your idea gets implemented.

And with that being said, thank you for your feedback!

Submit your product ideas here!


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Unfortunately, I didn't find the way to delete existing event category. 


You could have live personal for technical help in the chat bot. Sending people with technical questions to the forum that doesn’t appear to have any active moderators or admins should be something you would want to fix.