New! Q2 Product Release Highlights

  • 26 July 2022
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New! Q2 Product Release Highlights
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In Q2, we released 85+ product updates to improve your Amplitude experience. 

Help your team become more data-driven than ever. Now it’s even easier to measure outcomes across the customer journey, bring data insights into everyday workflows, and more. Get the full picture on the Amplitude Blog.

Product Release Highlights

  • Amplitude Customer Data Platform (CDP) - Closed Beta: 

    With the launch of Amplitude CDP, we’re marrying existing customer data capabilities with brand new features to help you get better outcomes for less cost. It’s free with Amplitude Analytics.* 

  • Reimagined Team Spaces: Discover, follow, and organize analyses shared in Amplitude more efficiently with a new organization system for charts, dashboards, notebooks, and cohorts.
  • Amplitude Experiment Results: Bring your product triggers and A/B testing data into Amplitude to start analyzing and reporting about your data fast. No engineering or BI support required.
  • Real-time audience syncing: Set up regular audience data syncs to improve personalization in marketing and product experiences.

We have a lot of exciting new releases coming soon. Subscribe to product updates to hear first about the latest goodness.


*Amplitude CDP is free with Analytics for up to 10M events streamed out and 50,000 unique profiles synced.


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