GTM Client Side Template Update: Marketing to Browser SDK 2.0

  • 29 August 2023
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Starting from version 240a7, Aug 2023, we are updating the GTM client-side template for Amplitude (Amplitude Analytics Browser SDK). Specifically, we're moving from the Marketing Analytics SDK to the Amplitude Browser SDK 2.0. This transition brings enhanced support, better functionality, and new features.

Key Benefits:

  • Streamlined Configuration to make setting up Amplitude even easier.

  • Advanced Campaign Tracking to gain deeper insights into marketing performance and optimization.

  • Comprehensive Event Tracking to benefit from both default and upcoming feature releases.

While this upgrade offers numerous advantages, there might be slight shifts in how your current analytics charts behave. However, we've made these changes configurable to maintain consistency. If you wish to retain the legacy behavior, it's essential to review the following list of breaking changes and adjust your configuration accordingly.

Summary of changes:


Page View event’s name and properties

The new template changes the default page view events to include [Amplitude] prefixes. If you want to continue using the older page view events check Use legacy page view properties checkbox.


Subdomain attribution tracking

Traffic from one subdomain to another (ie to is not tracked by default. If you want to exclude the attribution tracking on location.hostname, but not other subdomains, add the string value of location.hostname in the Exclude Referrers input under the Track marketing attribution section.


User agent parser

The new template changes how the device related info is determined which may affect the value of OS, Device Type, Device Family, and related properties - os_name, os_version, device_model, device_manufacturer. If you want to continue using the previous way based on the user agent, check the Enable client-side user agent enrichment checkbox.


Please check this doc for more details.

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