Amplitude Implementation Workshop with Gregor Spielmann

  • 29 June 2023
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Amplitude Implementation Workshop with Gregor Spielmann
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Get your burning Amplitude setup questions answered! 🔥 

In this session of our Amplitude Implementation Workshop series, growth analytics expert, Gregor Spielmann, walks the group through how to:

  • Ingest the right data
  • Set up your tracking plan
  • Avoid common taxonomy traps

If you’re asking yourself, “How do I set up Amplitude properly,” watch the implementation workshop to:

  • Get unstuck: Ask anything about set up. No question is too 'beginner.’
  • Learn from the best: Our expert, Gregor Spielmann, will share tips and insights he’s amassed over the years.
  • Have fun: This isn't a lecture- it's an interactive and engaging experience!

Gregor Spielmann is the founder of Adasight and has worked with hundreds of high-growth companies (including Personio, Gravystack, and TradeZella) to fast-track them through the implementation stage.



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