Snowflake Ingestion Not Ingesting But No Errors

  • 10 January 2022
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Hey all!

I’m trying to ingest data from snowflake into amplitude using what is shown here 

I’ve got Snowflake and Amplitude connected correctly but when I start the ingestion, it says it completed with no errors but no data is actually ingested. At first I thought it was because my user_ids probably isn’t in the correct format and/or I’m using the wrong user_id but I double checked and everything looks to be in order.

​​​​​my sql is as follows

with user_emails as (

select user_id, user_email from users


to_varchar( user_id ) as "user_id"
, object_construct('email', user_email) as "user_properties"
from user_emails

I’ve checked that the user_ids in snowflake exist in amplitude, and they are there. Not really sure how to start troubleshooting this. Any thoughts?

2 replies

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Hi @jsphdiaz ! Welcome to the Amplitude Community! :wave:

To clarify, are you trying to sync event data or just user property data from Snowflake to Amplitude? And by no data is actually ingested, do you mean you don’t see anything listed in the Ingestion Logs? 

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Hi @jsphdiaz, I hope all is well. I wanted to check in. Were you able to make progress here? We’re here to help. 😀