os version incorrect when importing from segment

  • 23 November 2021
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I am using Segment to log screen data in my iOS app and import them to Amplitude. I found out that the `os` field on the event in amplitude is something like `WebKit 605` instead of the ios version. I inspect the event data on Segment and it has the correct os version data like `"os": { "name": "iOS", "version": "15.0.2" },`. Is there anything I set up incorrectly? Please help. Thanks!

1 reply

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Hi @yliuaaron ! Welcome to the Community and I’m happy to help! :wave:

Can you share with me on how you are instrumenting Segment data to Amplitude? Are you using cloud-mode or device-mode or Amplitude Actions? 

If you are using cloud-mode or Amplitude Actions, then the value you see in Amplitude is what Segment provided to us. If you are using device-mode then this is the value that our SDKs picked up. 

By the way, Webkit is a browser engine created by Apple. Version 605 is specifically for non-windows. When you see the value WebKit 605, you should be seeing this for browser events correct? 

If so, it looks like Apple is now using Webkit v. 605.x.x for their iOS browsers as well:

This value will appear if iOS Apps have built in browser (think opening a link in the mail app that opens a browser within the mail app instead of opening in Safari). Does this situation sound familiar to you?