Only server events in Event Stream

  • 28 December 2021
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Hi everyone!


We found one user, he play for 121 day in our game, but in his event stream he has only server events.



All others players tracks normal

5 replies

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Hi @Kilyavi ! Welcome to the Amplitude Community! :wave:

If I am understanding the situation correctly, you expect to see both client-side and server-side events on users’ profiles. However, for this particular user, you only see server-side events. 

Can you share with me if it is possible for a user to only have server-side events? Or are these server-side events only possible based on actual user actions from client-side? 

Also what are you using to track client-side events? Are you using our SDKs and if so which one? 


Hi, thanks :)

No, it’s not possible to have only server events. All based on user actions. Nornally server events it’s only 1%-5% of all.

We use SDK, but I can’t answer, which one. I’ll ask it only tomorrow.


We use Unity version of SDK


Hi! Still no ideas how it may be?


Hi @belinda.chiu ! You still have no ideas? Or maybe need some more information?