is this possible to get below data if yes then how?

  • 31 August 2021
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  1. Can we get hourly report for the active user?
  2. On Which bases you can identify new user ?
  3. How many users uninstall the application ?

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Hi @miteshmakwana,

  1. You can create an event segmentation chart like this:


  1. Amplitude has a specific definition of New User: A new user is a user who has logged an event for the first time (this includes inactive events). The time of when the user is new is the time of when they logged their earliest event. To find out New User, you can again use the event segmentation chart but look for events performed by “New Users”.


  1. Are you tracking the “uninstall” event? If so, you can create an event segmentation chart to look for users who performed the event and look at “Uniques”.