How to set a single funnel with API and Front-end events

  • 19 January 2022
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Hi guys !

I have a question about a funnel I want to analyze with Amplitude, for the “API product” I manage :

  1. Some users log in our dashboard ( to retrieve their API Key
  2. Then they read API Documentation
  3. Then navigate through statistics pages
  4. (...)
  5. When they are done with the dashboard and understood how everything works, they will login and mainly use the whole product through the API. Meaning : They don’t need to come back to the front-end dashboard to use core features. They may come back if they want to check statistics.

We would like to use Amplitude to analyze this complete funnel by tracking front-end events (example : API Key Generated) and events generated on our API directly : (example : Webhook subscribed)

Is there a way to do this properly with Amplitude ? We only integrated front-end tracking so far.

Thanks !


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Hey @pabauduin 

The best way to send your backend API events would be to leverage Amplitude’s HTTP API .

Once you have implemented this alongside your front end event ingestion, you can analyze your use case using the Funnel Analysis chart .

Here are some Community posts which talk about server side event tracking for your reference -


Let me know if I have interpreted your use case correctly. Hope this helps.