Does disconnecting a data source have any impact on pre-existing data in Amplitude?

  • 8 March 2022
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We have Segment as one of our data sources with visual dashboards of DAU, WAU and MAU dating back two to three years ago. Does disconnecting Segment have any impact on pre-existing data?

Also, can you export any data after the data source has been disconnected? 

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Hey @zzmehdi 

From what I understand, once your data is ingested in Amplitude project via any source, there shouldn’t be any impact on historical data and dashboards if you disconnect the source moving forward. I’m not aware of any caveats though which might exist in this scenario.

For the data export part,

  • If you are a paid customer, then you can setup recurring exports of your project data to the cloud destination of your choice ( S3, Snowflake, GCS ) directly from the Amplitude UI. 
  • If you are not on a paid plan, then you can leverage the Export API and create your own custom ETL pipeline to store your raw data.

Let me know if I have understood your use case correctly. Hope this helps.

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Hi @zzmehdi ,


Completely agree with Saish here! He has also given the same options and explanation I would have. Any historical data will not be affected. Removing the data source will just mean no more new data will come in from that point forward but as Saish said, no historical data or charts/dashboards should be affected.


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