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  • 7 September 2021
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Dear community,

Our team is relatively new to amplitude, but we already have a large amount of content and are currently brainstorming ideas how best to organise the charts, reports, and teams spaces. Therefore, we are wondering what the best practices are.

Looking forward to your ideas!


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Hey @Boryana,

It really depends on several factors such as your org type, if you are using Amplitude for a single or multiple products, etc.

Since we have 10+ products in our org and each is a different team, we found the following approach to be helpful in the way we organize our content in Amplitude -

  • Each product gets its own Teamspace.
  • A given product Teamspace can have the following -  
    • Usage monitoring dashboards ( DAUs/WAUs/MAUs ) by certain key user properties you want to keep an eye on
    • Dashboards analyzing your latest release 
    • Dashboards which house some key cohorts which you have built for that product
    • All other analysis charts such as session metrics, retention, etc can live in their own dashboards or on their own in the Teamspace
    • All your Notebooks published for that product 
  • You can also create separate Teamspaces based on the functional teams you have in your org and create content accordingly. eg. Marketing Teamspace, Customer Success Teamspace

Hope this helps!