Can't receive click events fired from Google Tag Manager

  • 6 July 2021
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I set up event and event trigger in GTM and found that AMP can only capture event trigger by page view

The tags were fired correctly according to the Tag Assistant’s feedback under the debugger mode. But I just can’t see them logged in Amplitude.

This is not the first time using this method, it worked well months ago. However, I found this problem yesterday and I just can’t figure out what’s the problem with my setup or if there were updates or bugs from AMP.

Can anyone point me in the direction? Thanks!

1 reply

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@goget_data Hello!

Sorry to hear that you aren’t seeing your events logged in Amplitude. Usually if the tags were fired correctly under debugger mode but you don’t see the events in Amplitude, you may want to check your Deleted and Blocked sections in Govern. Most of the time when customers come to us with a similar situation like yours, we end up finding that they previously deleted or blocked the event and therefore why they don’t see the events in Amplitude. 

To find the Deleted and Blocked sections in Govern, go to Govern → Events → Switch the Live drop down to either Deleted or Blocked.