Can I select the information from the event properties of the LAST performed event within a form_id?

  • 29 September 2021
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Using our product, the user always has to create a form and work in this form for the entire user flow. A user can have multiple forms, e.g. projects.

I would like to give this form a form_id (3456) and then have defined events, like an excel export within this form. The event has properties like excel_export_price and excel_export_price_automatically_chosen.

However, I only care about the last event properties of the excel export of the form of the user. Is there a way I can select the information from the event properties of the last performed event within that form_id?
For my analysis, I then want to compare the composition of prices and automatically chosen prices across all my users, on their last excel export.

So far, I could only find the historical events in the amplitude help center, this does not really help me, as user can export the Excel as many times as they want to.
Also if there is already a way of selecting the last event using, this could be interesting too!

I am grateful for any help!

Thank you


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Hey @nadjare 

Interesting use case. It’s kinda tricky since Amplitude doesn’t have a direct way to query a user’s last event and its event properties as far as I know. 

I agree with you that historical events won’t be of much help in your use case since your event can be performed multiple times. One thing you could try is to instrument a user property for the export price and update it every time the user performs the export event. This way you always have the last exported price in the user’s property history to query upon. But this might not be the ideal approach if there are multiple forms being submitted since we will still need a way to tie a given form_id with the final export price.

There might be a smarter approach to this than the above or I may be missing something obvious here.

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Hi @nadjare ,


As @Saish Redkar mentioned, the historical count wouldn’t help and I don’t believe there is a way to get the latest event property. I can certainly add this is a feature request though! As Saish said, if you could have it as a user property, you could then use the User Composition chart to do so. Otherwise, the other option would be to make a chart, do a group by and export the data and manually work with that. 


Unfortunately, there is no native way right now to get the latest event property but as I said, I am going to submit this feedback to the product feedback team as something to look into! I hope this helps!