Can't make Planned events go Live

  • 24 February 2023
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Hello there,

I’m trying to add new Events to Amplitude, but I can't make my Planned events go Live : 


There is no button or whatsoever to do so. As I was desperate I tried asking ChatGPT (haha), which was kind enough to help me but the buttons he’s talking about are not there:


I am an Admin, so I guess I should see everything.


That’s driving me a bit crazy, any help would be much appreciated!!


Thanks :)


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6 replies

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Thanks for this question @Thibaut and for being resourceful with ChatGPT. Here’s more information about planning events and properties. Keep us posted if you’re still hitting roadblocks.

Hello @Amplitude Admin, thanks for your answer! 

We’re using the Starter plan, and from what I’m seeing in the pricing page, the add-on is available on the Growth plan. 

I don’t get how I’m supposed to create new Events and make them live with my current plan.


Thank you in advance for your help!



Hello @Amplitude Admin, any idea how I could use my new Events? Thank you in advance!

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Thank you for following up @Thibaut. We’ll get more members of the team to look at this. 

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@Thibaut Events will be automatically marked as “Live” when at least 1 instance of that event is sent to Amplitude. It will remain as “Planned” until that happens.


@ttan I ran into the same issue. My event already have a few instances in amplitude but the event is still in “Planned”. Any idea what’s going on?