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  • 16 June 2021
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Amplitude displayed only one country in user property. We have users who are using product from Turkey, but Amplitude displayed only Belarus in the properties.

Also in User look up history of user from another country is not visible.


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Hey @Maxim ,

From what I understand here, the values you are expecting in the default Amplitude Country user property based on your product’s usage should be ideally Turkey and Belarus, but it only shows Belarus, correct?

Amplitude uses the event’s IP address to reverse lookup a user's location user properties like City and Country. Depending on how you have implemented the instrumentation ( server-side vs client SDKs), there could be a possibility that the IP being ingested on the events from Turkey users is getting mapped to Belarus due to potential VPN / server-side issues. 

If you know a certain user_id is using your product from Turkey but their Country property is showing Belarus, you can try to reverse lookup the IP address of their events for troubleshooting this issue.


Also, can you clarify a bit more on “ User look up history of user from another country is not visible”?




Hello @Saish Redkar 

Our product can use users around the world. And will be great see all countries

We have our employee in Turkey and she use our app with particular script. I try check her activity, but I can’t see anything in event segmentation chart or in user look up history. As if her actions are invisible. At the same moment I go through my phone to the application and after a second I see my actions in Amplitude with all details.

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Hi @Maxim ,

Thanks for writing in! Denis here with Amplitude Support!


@Saish Redkar is absolutely right, we use the MaxMind lookup to determine from which country are users are firing apps by using the IP Address lookup. If you have the raw data from the event and the IP Address of the event, you can look it up in the MaxMind IP Address Lookup. This will tell you what country this IP Address is tied to. Does it still show up as Belarus?

As @Saish Redkar mentioned, It could be a VPN being used that is causing the incorrect country to appear if the IP address was changed due to the VPN. 

Seeing as it is difficult to solve the problem without all the information at hand, would you be able to send me a private message for the user that is not appearing in the User Lookup or the event segmentation?This way we can discuss all information and can look into why this user is not appearing without revealing any confidential information. Thank you @Maxim! 


Thanks everyone for the help!

We noticed that the problem is most likely in code itself, since in another project that we have plugged, everything works perfectly.

The programmers will check code again and if something still does not work, I will write a private message to @Denis Holmes 

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Hi Maxim!

Sounds good! Let me know how it goes anyway and like you said, shoot me a message if anything else pops up! Happy to help!