Missing event in export to BigQuery

  • 31 January 2023
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I have a scheduled job that exports data from Amplitude into BigQuery every 6 hours. There is one specific event that is in Amplitude but not in the export to BigQuery. What’s the best way for us to figure out the root cause of this issue?

Thanks for all the help here!



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4 replies

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Thank you for posting here @lwm. I was able to find some additional information that might help as you work to resolve this in our Developer Center - link This related issue was resolved too. Keep us posted if you need additional support. 



Hi Jeremie,

So this was indeed the link that I referenced to set up the BigQuery export. Everything works great except that one of the event_type is missing. Do you have any other suggestions? Unsure how to trouble shoot this since everythign else was there, since this is just within the same project. 



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Thanks for confirming @lwm. Let me see if someone from the team to take a closer look.

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Hi @lwm , happy to help out! The event type that you see is missing, is it a transformation or a custom event? If so, then those events will not be sent as they are only applied to the events at the query level and do not affect the raw data.