What is the difference between funnel and event segmentation charts?

  • 4 February 2023
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Funnel and event segmentation charts in Amplitude are two different analysis charts that help you visualize and understand customer behavior in your app.

Funnel charts track the completion rate of a specific sequence of events. A funnel chart shows the number of users who complete each step in a defined process and the drop-off between each step. This chart type helps you identify bottlenecks in your user flow and understand where users drop off.

On the other hand, event segmentation charts allow you to see how different customer segments behave within your app. You can segment your users based on criteria such as customer properties, event properties, or device type. This chart type helps you understand which customer segments are most active, their actions in your app, and how they engage with it over time.

In summary, funnel charts help you track the success of specific user flows, while event segmentation charts help you understand user behavior across different segments.


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