How to monitor account growth (by license utilization) month over month

  • 19 May 2021
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Hi Amplitude community!

Your help would be greatly appreciated here! I’m trying to build a chart/dashboard that shows account growth (or decline) over a period of time but not having much luck with building this view. For context, our customers book a total number of licenses as part of their contract and I would live to monitor whether or not customers are increasing their total number of active licenses vs booked licenses over time. 

For example, if ACME company purchased 10,000 licenses, then I want to monitor if ACME is using more or less of those licenses month over month. Ideally, I would like to build a dashboard that shows this growth or decline in license utilization across all customers.





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Hey @jonhigh 
Happy to help with this one! We have a similar use case and I like to use the Event Segmentation chart along with a combination of the Compare to Past and the Formula features for visualizing license utilization.
Assuming you already are using some sort of a segment/cohort for ACME company using the company identifier, you can plug in the following formula in the Formula tab or use the cumulative feature to visualize the usage growth for ACME in the Event Segmentation chart


Here A is the usage event you are tracking for that account.This would give the cumulative sum of the absolute number of users under the given account over the selected time period.

If you want to track the utilization growth in terms of %, you can try using the following formula

Once you are able to do so, try using the Compare to Past feature to get the desired period over period view.

Hope I have interpreted your use case correctly.

Let me know if this helps!


@Saish Redkar you’re awesome! This is definitely getting me closer :grin: I’ve been able to create a chart that shows total number of users for a given account over a period of time group by account! 


Could you think of a way to build a view of all accounts % license utilization without having to input the total_licenses_purchased for each account? We are sending account’s total number of booked licenses to Amplitude already.


Thanks so much for your help already!



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Hi Jon,


Saish did a great job utilizing Amplitude for this use case! To help you further you are sending a total number of booked licenses to Amplitude as an Account property value. You want to know if you can use that value on each of your Accounts to divide Saish’s formula by correct? If that is the case unfortunately you cannot dynamically have that value as the total for each Account in Amplitude currently. Most of the Custom Formulas use events to calculate their results. There are a couple that looks at property value but there is not a property Custom Formula that will take the current property value of your total number of booked licenses Account property value per Account. Take a look at the link I shared above for Custom Formulas to see the full list of formulas you can use in this section!


Hope this helps let me know if you have questions!




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Thanks for adding that @sydney.koh !

@jonhigh As Sydney mentioned, there isn’t a direct way of using your custom property for the use case you mentioned. The formula which I mentioned works well when you are trying to track an individual account’s growth/utilization % since you can input the total licenses parameters manually.

If you just want to see the growth in absolute user numbers, then just grouping by the account identifier with the CUMSUM(UNIQUES, A) should help.