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  • 26 July 2022
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We’ve created a pathfinder chart to understand how our users navigate through a flow with many branches. The ideal view would be a pathfinder chart that only shows “page view” events to tell us which pages the user stepped through. We’ve come across two problems when implementing this:

  1. The pathfinder allows a blacklist of events but doesn’t seem to let us whitelist events. We have quite a few events (eg: each time a request is sent/is successful we log an event as part of our engineering reliability/performance metrics). How can we effectively filter events in a maintainable way (so that we don’t have to keep updating the blacklist in the future)?
  2. Our page view events all have the event name “page.viewed” and the page URL/title are event properties. The pathfinder only shows “page.viewed” and I don’t see a way to surface an event property. So we can’t differentiate the different pages on it. Is there a way to solve this without changing our taxonomy?

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Hey @rahulsekhar 

  1. The exclusion list for the Pathfinder chart is local to that specific chart only as per the docs. You can hide the events which you don’t want to show in the Pathfinder chart on the project level by changing their “Visibility” status accordingly in Govern. You may also try using the “Filter by sessions that include” clause if you want some specific events within your session to be included in the chart and see if that works in your case.
  2. You will have to use the Expand events by property clause to visualize each page.viewed event by their URL/title property. This will surface the event property at every page.viewed step/sequence in your chart e.g demo chart.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @rahulsekhar ,


  1. Thanks for writing in! You should be able to both whitelist and blacklist events with the Pathfinder chart. For example, here, I am trying to filter on the paths that include Favourite a Song or Video but do not include Play Song or Video. That way you can decide which events should and shouldn’t be there as well as their count. Is this not what you are looking for? If not, what would you like the chart to have that it does not? 
  2. One option here would be to break out the event by a property. For example here, I have broken out the event Play Song or Video by the Genre_Type. You could do the same for page_url. Is that helpful? 


I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions.

Kind Regards,


Hi @Saish Redkar and @Denis Holmes. Thank you both for your responses - the “expand event by property” perfectly solves my second problem with our “page.viewed” events!


To clarify my first question, I’m hoping to have only certain events be visible in the paths (even if the session contained other “noisy” events). For example, a session might contain “page.viewed”, “request.sent” and “request.success” events, but I only want to see the “page.viewed” events in the paths.


I know I can do this with the “Hide Noisy Events” dropdown - by hiding “request.sent” and “request.success”. But I am wondering if there is any alternative way to do it by instead saying “only show page.viewed events”? That will be far easier for my use case and would make it easier to maintain the chart as well.

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Hi @rahulsekhar ,


You could choose the events to be included in the session but you will have other events. You can choose to see only one event but this will only show you sessions with that as the single and only event such as here. That would be the closest I would be able to get to. Something similar to what you are looking for?