New Funnel Conversion Insights

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New Funnel Conversion Insights

Amplitude users today use Funnels to explore what drives or hinders conversion outcomes. We know that these analyses provide valuable insights as to how users convert and why they convert. This month, we’re rolling out a series of our top requested updates to Funnels requested by our customers.


Funnel Event Totals

Customers can now measure instances where their users go through the same funnel multiple times. With Funnel event totals, you can construct your funnel of interest, then select whether you’d like to count conversions by unique users or by event totals.


Median time to convert over time

Time to convert is a key metric to evaluate whether your users are struggling to complete a critical product flow. With this new update, you are able to view median time to convert for the entire funnel, as well as see how that metric changes over time. This allows you to assess how time to convert is being impacted by product changes (for example, knowing if your recent release is actually helping users convert faster).


Multiple Conversion over Time

Last but not least, our conversion over time visualization allows customers to analyze how conversion rates are changing. You can now select and view multiple conversion-over-time metrics in a single view. To compare conversion for different steps in the funnel, you no longer have to create multiple charts, and flip back and forth for comparison.


To see how these updates improve the Funnel Conversion experience in Amplitude, check out our Loom video below:

With these latest updates, we’re continuing to invest on our top most requested features from our customers.  Be sure to also check out more of our recent releases from 2021 that will better equip your team to drive product-led growth.

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