In-Product Monitor Alerts

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In-Product Monitor Alerts

Triggered monitor alerts can now be found within the notifications panel in Amplitude Analytics! Previously, customers had to sort through alerting emails for a full history of anomalies. Now you can see all triggered alerts in-product in one central place. 

We've also added a slide out chart experience that appears when you click into an alerts via the notification page or email click. Read our Insights help doc here to learn how to set up monitors for your Amplitude org. 

Hello! Is it possible to hook these monitor alerts up to slack rather than email? For example, send monitor reports to a slack channel?

Hi Matt.

Great Question. We are introducing some major updates to our Slack integration this quarter which will include bringing in monitor alerts into Slack. Stay tuned :)


That’s great to hear— I’m looking forward to it. For those wondering, I’m currently using a Gmail filter + slack email integration to forward monitoring to Slack.