How to count how much is user working in some mode?

  • 1 March 2023
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Hello! We have an app for motion animation. We need to understand how long the user is working in one mode or another. We are particularly interested in those functions that are enabled from the start. 
For example, we have an 'autoposing' mode, and it is enabled from the beginning by default. How could we know how long a person is using it before they switch to another mode? 
Another example is the Twin machine function. To use it, a person repeatedly presses the forward and backward arrows on the special tracker. How do we keep track of frequency and time of Twin Machine using?

Now we have invented an event ‘activity mark’. It is sent every 3 minutes if there has been any activity in the program during that time. We are thinking of attaching "twin machine" (if the twin machine arrow has been used at least once in three minutes), "Autoposing" (auto posing was enabled and the controllers moved at least once) to this event property. But this solution doesn’t seem very elegant and easy... 



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4 replies

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Thanks for posting here @Alina_D. Were you able to work out a solution? Based on the limited context the user session chart is a great option to explore. This course on our data taxonomy playbook also includes industry best practices. Hopefully you can learn from other creativity and animation apps out there! 

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Hey @Alina_D 

I don’t think Amplitude has a direct out of the box solution for this.

I would also suggest instrumenting a time spent property on your relevant events or have special custom sessions set for specific modes.

Hello! Thank you!
We have a bug in User session chart, it doesn’t work. Just show that we have zero users and zero sessions, where can i ask for solving this probleme?

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Are you sending valid session_ids with your events?
If all your events are coming in with session_id = -1, then Amplitude will consider all of them as out-of-session events and you won’t be able to utilize the user session chart.