Doing Group Identify API call before sending event, yet when filtering by group property in chart for event, they are coming up NULL

  • 21 March 2023
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Hi, I have not been able to find a similar topic on this forum.

My team has a script to send events to our Amplitude project, and we are using Groups. 

The script is simple and always does Group Identify API call before sending the event (via HTTP V2 API). 

The name of our group is “license”. We use the Group Identify to set a bunch of license properties, including license_type. For the event in question, the expected value for license_type is pretty much always “evaluation”.

However, as you can see in this chart:
there is a mix. Some events come through with expected evaluation value for license_type group property, and some come through with license_type = NULL.

I have gone back and looked through my script’s logs, and can prove for at least 2 groups that I sent a Group Identify API call with license_type = EVALUATION for these groups before sending the EvaluationStarted event. 

By drilling into View Groups on the March 13 point in the graph (for (none) line), you can see license E-3Z2-JYB-H8F-VWD is marked as having had license_type = NULL when the event fired. In the logs from my script I can see I made a Group Identify call as:{"group_properties":{"maintenance_start_date":"2023-03-13", "maintenance_end_date":"2023-04-13", "installed_on_sandbox":"", "license_type":"EVALUATION", "country":"Australia", "hosting":"cloud", "region":"APAC", "partner_name":"", "partner_type":"",  "evaluation_days_to_convert":"", "evaluation_end_date":"2023-04-13", "parent_name":"", "parent_edition":"", "parent_billing_cycle":"", "billing_cycle":"" },"group_value":"E-3Z2-JYB-H8F-VWD","group_type":"license"}

and I got a 200 response, and again, this call was made before sending the event.


Is there some sort of lag at play here with Group Identify API call not updating group properties in time before I send the event in the next few lines of code? I am getting 200 response codes all around.


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It is possible that there is a lag in the Group Identify API call not updating group properties in time before the event is sent. However, it is also important to note that the maximum number of group identifies per request is 1024, and the maximum number of group properties per request is 1024. It is possible that the script is exceeding these limits, causing some events to come through with null values for the license_type group property. It may be helpful to check if this is the case and adjust the script accordingly. Additionally, it may be helpful to reach out to Amplitude support for further assistance in troubleshooting this issue.

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Thanks for chiming in @Hadish. Super helpful! 😀 I’ll also share this with our support team.


@Hadish I am not exceeding either of the 1024 limits you cited, but thanks. I am working with Amplitude support to define the nature of the lag. 

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Thanks @ccanamas Please keep us updated as you make progress!