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  • 6 January 2023
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For some reason my Device Type keeps being recorded as an OS (Linux, Windows). Do you guys perhaps have any idea why that would happen?

I read through the existing questions and couldn’t find a related one...


Best answer by Zhenia Semenina 16 January 2023, 13:54

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5 replies

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Hey there! 


Would you be able to give us more info about this? 


Which method are you using to collect the data? is it one of our SDKs? if yes - which one? Can you please update it to the latest version and see if the OS is collected properly now? 

Are you collecting this data through a third party service and then send to Amplitude? If yes - which one? 


How do you know the OS is collected incorrectly? Can you give us a few examples? 







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Hi @feik I hope all is well. Closing the loop here. Were you able to make progress? Keep us posted if you need additional help. 


Thanks for replying @Zhenia Semenina and @Jeremie Gluckman.

Sorry for being absent but I will supply all the relevant info now to give you more context of the problem...

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Thank you @feik! 😃


Here are some details:

I use the Web SDK to collect the data via an Angular site (Typescript).

"@amplitude/analytics-browser": "^1.6.4"

The device type is being recorded as Windows or Linux (but sometimes as Apple iPhone). I was expecting this to be maybe mobile, desktop or tablet.

And the OS is captured as browser versions which doesn’t feel right. I was expecting those to be Linux or Windows.

Here’s an example:


One thing that might influence this is the fact that we record these events via a VPN. I kinda doubt it’s relevant, but I’m just putting it out there.

Any ideas @Jeremie Gluckman @Zhenia Semenina ? Or is this correct as is?