[DASHBOARD API] Funnel analysis - Equivalent of "broken down by" on the DASHBOARD API

  • 19 July 2022
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Hi there ! 

I’m trying to use the funnel analysis route of the dashboard REST API (you can find the documentation here), I'm writing to know if there was the possibility to specify a "break down by" property through the API params, in the same way as we can do on the dashboard ? I can't figure out if the API supports this feature…

Thanks :)

3 replies

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Tagging you once again since you looked into the API params supported but not documented yet for Funnel analysis for a similar request :)

A note to the Dashboard API docs team - It’d be nice to have a visual comparison in there to map out which UI features from a given chart are supported in the API call, esp. funnel analysis chart.

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Hi @axel ,

This is Nehita from Amplitude Support, thanks for writing in to the Community! 

Are you referring to breaking down a step in the funnel? I’ve had a look and it seems that we do have a parameter for this, however I would just like to double-check this with our Engineering team before I confirm. I will get back to you as soon as possible, thanks for your patience! 



@Nehita I. Has there been any movement on this? We could really use a param for the “broken down by” feature of the funnel analysis tool for generating reports using the Dashboard REST API.