Amplitude is not returning the list of User IDs while filtering (segmentation)

  • 2 February 2023
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I don't understand why would Amplitude not return the User IDs of all users whenever I want to filter them as depicted on this image. Do I have to write down every single User ID correctly in order to filter them???!!!


Best answer by eddie.gaona 4 February 2023, 00:44

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2 replies


The user ID list will be massive and showing them up on the drop down will break the UI. So if you want to filter by the user ID, you have to correctly add them in the “enter a value” section.

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Hello @alexandre miyake hope you are well!


As @Richard Prabhu correctly has mentioned the User ID list will not be populated as it would be a long list of users as this field is “unique” per user. So if you have 100K users there would be 100K values in the dropdown.

If you know the User ID value you can paste it into the “Enter a Value” section.


Hope this helps!