Introducing the Plus Plan: Elevate your analytics with our new $49 plan

  • 23 October 2023
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Introducing the Plus Plan: Elevate your analytics with our new $49 plan
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Hey community! I’m excited to share that we launched Plus–a plan designed especially for start-ups and small teams that starts at $49/month. 🙌

This plan makes Amplitude more affordable for growing teams–bringing together self-serve analytics, feature flags, and customer data management–all in one integrated solution. With Plus, you can:
👉 Customize your analyses: Unlimited chart saves, custom events, dashboard filters, and formulas give you more customization and flexibility to unlock faster insights.
👉 Perform cohort analysis: Create up to 5 cohorts to perform behavioral segmentation and cohort analysis
👉 $49/month to track 1K monthly tracked users (MTUs), and the price goes up until you hit 300K MTUs
👉 Retain more than 1 year of data: Access up to 2 years of data retention with our Plus plan.
👉 Access online support: Amplitude Plus customers get access to online support to service critical issues or administrative tasks.

Plus offers everything in Starter, plus:

  • Unlimited product analytics
  • Custom dashboards & formulas
  • Behavioral cohorts (5 custom cohorts per org!)
  • Advanced feature management
  • Custom audience targeting

If you feel like you’re facing limitations with the Starter plan or you’re starting to outgrow it, check out Plus!

🤓 Compare the features on our new pricing page
🖥 Join us for an in-depth look at Plus during our live demo–and bring your questions!

2 replies


Is Embedd feature available on the “Plus” plan? 



This sounds amazing! I appreciate you providing information about the new Plus plan. For small teams like ours and start-ups, it appears to be the ideal solution. I'm eager to investigate the increased personalization choices and longer data retention. Will undoubtedly visit the pricing page and think about being a Plus member. Once more, I appreciate the heads-up!



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