Deprecating fields from the Export data format

  • 24 January 2023
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Hi all,

We’ve begun the process of deprecating a few fields from our Export API in order to simplify the format and remove misleading/confusing information. Here is the list of affected fields. Note that to preserve backwards compatibility, these fields will continue to exist as keys in the JSON data, but their value will always be null.

  1. $schema: removed, an Amplitude-internal field.
  2. is_attribution_event: removed, an Amplitude-internal field.
  3. amplitude_event_type: removed, an Amplitude-internal field.
  4. device_manufacturer: removed, data is duplicated inside device_type/device_family.
  5. device_brand: removed, data is duplicated inside device_type/device_family.
  6. device_model: removed, data is duplicated inside device_type/device_family.
  7. user_creation_time: removed, an inaccurate timestamp. If you were using this field, please note that it is not an accurate value and will not match with the “New User” calculations in Amplitude. If you have an important business use case for this field, please reach out and we may be able to provide a workaround.

These changes apply to the Export API immediately, but will apply to all other data destinations such as S3 Export and Snowflake in the future.

6 replies


Hey all,

So what field can I use for the user_creation_date? Will you add the same field later?

It is very important field for my analysis.

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Thanks for reaching out here @safevgenii. This previous conversation should have the answers you need. Keep us posted as you make progress! 


Thanks for answer @Amplitude Admin but non of those links has an answer on my question.

Any update on this issue? @Amplitude Admin  The user_creation_time is an important field for our use case. How can we get such information with the field set to null in the data exports?

Edit: removed.

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@safevgenii @archzhou Apologies for the delayed response. If you create a support ticket with information about your organization and projects, we can work with you on a solution to this.