How to check data by time the user accessed

  • 15 February 2021
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Hi, I have a question about amplitude data chart. 

What should I do for checking event data by the time they accessed the product? Now, I’m using segmentation chart and check ‘hourly’ data. But it can’t help to figure out what time users use our product most on average. 



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Hi @Babyshark ,

Here’s my take hoping that I have interpreted your question correctly - 
From what I know from the event segmentation chart feature set, there isn't a native way to slice the time aspect beyond the hourly granularity to answer the question you have. 

For eg. using this chart for the demoTeamChat product, we can tell that users perform the Send Message event the most at 11 am during weekdays and 1pm during the weekends ( analysis is subjected to the project bucket 's designated timezone) However, this insight is limited only for the past 7 days.

If you want more specific insights beyond the 7 day limitations, one approach I can think of is analyzing the raw event data outside of Amplitude by dumping it into a SQL db and creating some custom SQL queries to break the event time into date parts as per the granularity you need. You can use the Export API to get the raw event export.

A hacky and a risky workaround inside Amplitude would be to instrument the time aspect you want to capture as an event property on all events or the specific usage event. Let's say "event_day" : "Monday" or "event_time_range" : "10:00 - 11: 00 am UTC" . You can eventually create an event seg chart by slicing the total events by this granular time level property. (Pretty sure most of the users out there wouldn't recommend this one ⚠️  ) 


Hope this helps!