Missing Web Events due to Ad Blockers and How to Handle It

  • 24 July 2023
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Hi there Amplitude Community!

When using Amplitude Web SDKs, it is possible that some users’ events are not ingested into Amplitude due to ad blockers. Currently, we are not able to estimate the percentage of events that do not get ingested as we do not have the data to support it. 

While we do not offer official support for circumventing ad-blockers, our Engineering Team has provided a workaround - run a reverse proxy through your own domain. Please note that it is best that this process is done by an Engineer or a Developer as this is a technical workaround.

Details on what a proxy service is and how to use it in this setting can be found here:

Hope this helps! 

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Amplitude Team

2 replies


The solution is quite interesting, so I implemented it on my existing nginx.

Now, is it possible to get rate limited when all our events come from the same IP? After a few days of using the proxy, I notice a high failure rate on the proxy route, with 403 errors. Some of those 403 errors contain error messages from ElasticSearch, when we don’t even have one instance of ES installed.

So I’m wondering if those are coming from Amplitude or from a misconfiguration issue. Does any of you have an idea about that? 



We have a high number of users on the Android app who don’t fire FE events but do fire BE events. Is there a similar solution for Android?