Creating custom events with order


I found this article in the FAQ:

But I can’t seem to be able to combine events, and the only things that custom events allow me to do is:
“When ANY of the events below are performed, it will count as user activity for this custom event.” which isn’t that useful.


Any thoughts on why this options isn’t available to me?

I can create custom events, but not as described there.

Thanks in advance!


Note: Subforum could’ve been Data Management too.

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Hi @ajimenez ,


Thanks for writing into Community! Custom events is meant to combine two events or more so that either event gets triggered, it will count as a trigger for the Custom Event. This is what the article is describing. Can you elaborate on what it is you would like to see and how does that differ from the custom events? I can then try to get an appropriate solution for you!


The screenshot show dropdown with conditions such as the order the events are performed:

So not “any of these events”, but these events in this specific order.

I can’t find these options.

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Hi @ajimenez ,

So you want the filter to put these event sin the specific order, yes? If you click on “this order” above the events, you will be able to click “Exact Order”.Do you not see that option when you click on “this order”?

Or are you asking about doing the events that make up the custom event in order? In which case, you would have to break it out by the individual events that make up the event. 

Does that help? Or am I misunderstanding the issue?



Thank you for looking into this Denis. I just don’t see that option all together, I can’t find that dropdown. The only option I get is “ANY” of the events (which isn’t as useful):


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I feel there is a misunderstanding here between creating a custom event and creating a funnel using one of those events.

 Amplitude’s Funnel Analysis chart helps you understand how users are navigating defined paths ("funnels") within your product, and identify potential problem areas where users tend to drop off.

In here you define what order you want to define the flow of events using the Any order/ This order/ Exact order clauses.

Whereas creating a custom event allows you to group the occurrence of ANY one of the chosen events as a single custom event activity.

I think the cause of confusion here is showing usage of a custom event in the funnel analysis chart in the FAQ link that you shared .

Let me know if my understanding here is totally misaligned from what is being asked.



That’s absolutely it, I’d like the answer twice if I could.
Thank you Saish!