How do I add notes to the chart to track new features and onboarding changes?

  • 7 June 2022
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Hey there,

So the title explains it all. I want to add an annotation to the chart once we do an onboarding change so we can keep track of the changes that we make and look at the data based on those changes.


I would like this annotation to show up on the graph so we can quickly visualize when a change was made.


Should I use Annotation or Release for what I’m looking to do. I’m a bit confused right now.


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Hey @blackandwhite22 

From what I know, annotations will be the quickest way to do this. You can create them manually as and when you need to. You can read more in this post on how to apply them to a single chart vs globally in your project.


Releases are more robust in nature and needs to have the version user property instrumented. If you are on a paid plan and have this property, then Amplitude can automatically create releases.

If just a quick note/marker on the day of change is what you want, then annotations could be the easiest one. If you need more control and automated way of tracking this more often, then Releases could be a better way.

Hope this helps.